How it works


Upload your release

Create as many releases as you want and upload their artwork and a zip file containing all the files you want to include (MP3, pictures, videos...). Note that depending on the size of your zip file, it may take a little while to upload.


Generate and print your download cards

For each release, generate as many cards as you want. It's cheap, only 0.10 € per card.

You can even require a valid email address to grow your mailing list.

Then, either export your raw codes in a CSV file and distribute them the way you want or download a printable PDF. You can choose between two industry standard card size (85 mm × 55 mm buisness cards or 38.1 mm × 21.2 mm multi-purpose labels).


Embed the widget on your site or Facebook page

Customize your widget and put it on your site. It's tiny yet visible and your fan can redeem their cards straight from your site.

Also, you can add our tab to your Facebook page so that your fans can download your releases straight from there.


Distribute your cards with your releases

That... we can't do for you ;-)


Watch the email addresses coming in

Now you can export collected email from your release area while you sip a Jack and Coke.

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